Publisher: Carl Fischer

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  • Bach, JS – Arioso from Cantata No. 156

    Includes CD with piano accompaniment.  *The cover states it is beginning level but it is in tenor clef, requires positions beyond 4th, bow control far beyond the average beginner.

  • Bloch Supplication No. 2 of From Jewish Life

    Cello part has measure numbers at the start of each line.  Includes piano part and CD of accompaniment.

  • Collier Cellist’s Favorite Contest Album

    *Allegro Appassionato – Saint-Saens;   Andante from Concerto in A Minor – Goltermann; Andante Cantabile – Lucke;  Arioso – Bach-Isaac;  Ave Maria – Schubert;  Bourree – Squire; Chant sans paroles – Tchaikovsky;  Elegy – Massenet;  Estrellita – Ponce;  Fond Recollections – Popper;  *Kol Nidre – Bruch;  Minuet in G – Beethoven;  Nina – Pergolese;  *Scherzo – van Goens;  The Swan – Saint-Saens.
    Includes code for an mp3 audio download of piano accompaniments of each piece.   Three pieces indicated by * includes the cello track.

  • Sale!

    Feuermann Legacy – 6 Solo Pieces from Feuermann’s Repertoire

    Handel Adagio and Allegro, Davidoff At the Fountain, Popper Hungarian Rhapsody, Chopin Polonaise Brillante, Dvorak Rondo, Tartini Variations on a Theme of Corelli.  Compiled and edited by Marion Feldman.

  • Gazda Compatible Christmas Duets (2 cellos)

    50 Christmas duets for 2 cellos. Both parts in score form in a single book, so buy two if you don’t want to share a stand. Accessible arrangements in friendly keys. Few fingerings provided.  This volume is part a compatible series including books for violins and so on.  We do not stock volumes for other instruments.

  • Lee Method for Cello including Melodius and Progressive Studies Op. 31, Book 1

    This book introduces basic scales, agility exercises, fingerboard positions,bowing exercises, pieces and etudes for each newly-introduced key/scale. Most are in duet form. It then advances to chromatic scales, exercises in double stops, arpeggios, thumb position, octaves, harmonics.  Includes 40 Melodic Studies Op. 31 Book 1, Nos. 1-21.

  • Saint-Saens Allegro Appassionato Op. 43

    Cello part with piano part and CD piano accompaniment.

  • A. Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies Volume 1

    Volume 1 has been re-edited by Richard Hughey; the original is no longer available.  It still includes Studies 1-80, and is not just for beginning students. You move through bass, tenor and treble clefs. It includes a collection of progressive studies from noted pedagogues.

  • A. Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies Volume 2

    Studies 81-137, selected and progressively arranged from the works of noted pedagogues, including Lee, Franchomme, Buchler, Dotzauer, Merk, Schroeder, Grutzmacher, Kummer..  Bowings and fingerings by Alwin Schroeder will likely differ from other etude collections of the same works.

  • A. Schroeder 170 Foundation Studies Volume 3

    Studies 138-170, selected from the works by Buchler, Merk, Piatti, Schroder, Duport, Cossmann, Servais, Piatti, Berteau,