Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest

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  • Alte Kammermusik – Early Chamber Music for 2 cellos, 3 cellos

    Early Pieces for 2 and 3 cellos edited by Pejtsik.  Playable in first position, though knowledge of other positions will give you more options in fingering. Many bowing and rhythmic challenge within the comfortable range of notes.   Familiar tunes by Telemann, Bach, Purcell, Haydn, Schubert and the gang.

  • Bartok 33 Duos (2 cellos)

    From the 44 Duos for violin & cello, Pejtsik has transcribed 33 for 2 cellos. One book has both parts in score form. If you already own the 18 Duos, there is a little overlap in repertoire and an occasional difference in key signature.

  • Chamber Music for 3 Cellos – Vol. 4

    Haydn – Trio
    Purcell – Chaconne
    Mozart – Canon inversus, Canzonetta, Adagio
    Elgar – Salut d’amour
    Edited by Pejtsik.  Includes score and parts. Cello I and II involve some tenor clef. While Cello III plays in lower positions there are still counting and rhythmic challenges.  Edited by Pejtsik.  Includes score with parts.

  • Chamber Music for 4 Cellos – Vol. 12

    Beethoven – God Save the King theme and variations
    Berlioz Shepherds Farewell
    Mendelssohn 3 Christmas pieces
    Wagner-Jacobowsky Aus dem Parsifal.
    Edited by Pejtsik.  Includes parts with score.  Cello I some tenor and treble clef;  Cello II some tenor.   Cello III through 4th position, Cello IV easier.

  • Chamber Music for 4 Cellos – Vol. 3

    Boccherini – Quartettino
    Grieg – Gavotte in Old Style
    J. Werner – Elegie
    Edited by Pejtsik.  Includes parts with score. Involves tenor clef, some treble in I and II.  Cello III and IV through 4th position but not easy.

  • Chamber Music for 4 Cellos – Vol. 8

    Haydn – Aus dem Kaiser-Quartett
    Tchaikovsky – Orthodox chorale
    Lyadov – Russian song
    Dvorak – Walzer
    Goltermann – Serenade
    Includes parts with score. Cello I and II should be comfortable in tenor clef.  Cello III through 4th position.  Cello IV easier than III.

  • Chamber Music for 4 Cellos Vol. 10

    Haydn – Menuetto alla Zingarese  (Cello IV has a solo)
    Mozart – Zwei deutsche Kirchenleider
    Beethoven-Bockmann – Largo appassionato
    Dvorak – Slavonic Dance
    Schubert – Der Tod und das Madchen

    Edited by Pejtsik.  Includes parts with score.  Cello I and II treble and tenor clef.  Cello III some tenor clef.  Cello IV fluent through 4th position.

  • Kodaly Ten Trios for 3 cellos

    This book has 3 parts in score form so if you have three cellists, consider purchasing three books. Cello I is all in tenor clef, Cello II in tenor and bass, Cello III all bass clef. Rhythmic challenges.