Publisher: Elkan-Vogel

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  • Schickele – Vermillion Suite solo cello

    Written by Peter Schickele for unaccompanied cello, 5 movements:  Prelude, Blues, Pastorale, Riff, Song & Dance

  • De’ak Modern Method for the Violoncello, Volume I

    Deak Vol. 1 introduces the student to the cello through photographs and descriptions as to posture, placement. Scale tones and rhythmic divisions are explained, followed by exercises through 4th position. 6th and 7th positions and tenor clef are briefly touched upon.

  • De’ak Modern Method for Violoncello, Volume II

    Deak Vol. 2 (26 Studies of Medium Difficulty). Contains exercises for changing placement of the hand between 4th and 7th positions. Topics include thumb position, art of bowing and tone production, chords, double stops, harmonics, varied rhythmic finger exercises, scales.

  • Sevcik Op. 8 Changing the Positions (Cole)

    Transcribed and edited for violoncello by Orlando Cole