Publisher: Noetzel

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  • Boismortier Six Duets for 2 Cellos Op. 40 (Ruf)

    This is a single book with both parts in score form.  All duets are written in bass clef, do not require positions above fourth, and are popular with cellists with similar skill sets.  A variety of accessible keys and time signatures within your comfortable note range.

  • Let’s Rag – 10 Ragtimes for cello and piano

    Composed by Scott Joplin and Uwe Heger, arranged by Heger.
    The Easy Winners, Peacherine Rag, Maria’s Rag, The Entertainer, The Sycamore, Dickie’s Rag, Sunflower Slow Drag, The Strenuous Life, Little Annie’s Swing Rag, The Ragtime Dance