Publisher: Oxford

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  • Benoy & Sutton Introduction to Thumb Position

    Known as “the purple book,” this is a book of pieces in tenor and treble clef to be played in thumb position.  If you are looking for instruction, principles, hand placement, posture, you need a precursor to this.

  • Minsky Ten American Cello Etudes

    Solo cello.  The Train Whistle, Truckin’ Through the South, Broadway, Laid-back Devil, Sailing Down the River, The Flag Waver, An American in France, Like Crazy, The Crack of Dawn, October Waltz

  • Smith – Cello Sight-Reading Book 1

    Starts with pieces in 1st position and goes through Grades 1 – 5, but the grading system is not specified.  ABRSM, perhaps.  All pieces are in bass clef, not exceeding 4th position, with a variety of keys and rhythmic challenges.

  • Smith – Cello Sight-Reading Book 2

    Book 2 picks up with Grade 6 – 8, but does not specify which grading system.  Tenor clef, treble clef, more challenging keys, meters and rhythms.

  • Placeholder

    Walton Quartet in A minor

    Set of parts, no score