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  • Bach, JS – Six Suites for Solo Cello BWV 1007-1012 (Markevitch)

    Dmitri Markevitch edition based upon the manuscripts of Kellner, Westphal and Anna Magdalena Bach. Suite V is presented with scordatura, and a second time after the version for Lute. Very few fingerings are provided; slurs are designated above the staff to be based on the manuscripts, and below the staff to be Markevitch’s suggestions. Introductory notes address the interpretations offered, citing details from manuscripts

  • Bernofsky – Fandango for solo cello

    Radiating all the heat of passionate Spanish dance music, Lauren Bernofsky’s Fandango uses the solo cello both for the strumming and rhythmic effects of Flamenco, and also for the sensual lyricism of this ripe folk idiom. Fandango features a rich hybrid language, blending dark chord progressions in G Minor, Phrygian color, and an expansive and exploratory harmonic palette. The work’s visceral theatricality results in a 5½-minute tour de force for the cellist – a showpiece of texture, drama, and lyricism.

  • Hailstork – Theme and Variations

    on “Draw the Sacred Circle Closer.”  Solo cello

  • Play a Song of Christmas (2 cellos)

    35 songs and carols for 2 cellos or any two key of C bass clef instruments. Includes CD ROM for piano accompaniments and lyrics.