Publisher: Schirmer

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  • Duport 21 Etudes for the Violoncello Book 1

    Nos. 1-13, edited by Schulz.  Some teachers move their students to other materials, so not everyone moves beyond the first 13 studies.

  • Five Italian Sonatas

    5 Italian Sonatas edited by Starker
    Corelli Sonata in D minor
    Valentini Sonata in E major
    Pietro Locatelli Sonata in D major
    Sammartini Sonata in G major
    Boccherini Sonata in A major (No. 6   G4b)

  • Kummer Violoncello Method Op. 60

    Contains 40 pages of method (scales, arpeggios, double stops) and 80 pages of practice pieces ranging from beginning 1st position to thumb position studies on thirds and sixths.

  • Lalo Concerto in D Minor

    Cello part edited by Deri with piano reduction.

  • Muczynski Gallery Suite

    A suite of nine short movements, inspired by paintings of American artist Charles Birchfield.  Edited by Epperson.  Some youtube performances

  • Popper High School 40 Studies Op. 73

    No editor is named on this edition.

  • Starker Encores for Cello

    This Great Performers collection, arranged and edited by Starker, includes:
    Schubert – Moment Musical Op. 94
    Schumann – Abendlied Op. 85 No. 12
    Faure – Sicilienne Op. 78
    Saint-Saens – The Swan
    Popper – Hungarian Rhapsody Op. 68
    Popper – Tarantelle Op. 33