Publisher: Schott

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  • Offenbach 6 Duos for 2 Cellos Op. 50 Nos. 1-3

    Volume 1 includes duets no. 1-3. Each part in a separate booklet so you don’t need to share a stand.

  • Offenbach 6 Duos for 2 Cellos Op. 50 Nos. 4-6

    Volume 2 includes duets No. 4-6. Each part in a separate booklet so you don’t need to share a stand.

  • Offenbach Six Duos Op. 49 (2 cellos)

    These duets can be played almost entirely in first position with extensions. Fingerings are sparse, but well chosen to indicate an opening of the hand to reach an extended 4th finger, or back to half position. Friendly duos with helpful rehearsal markings. One part per booklet so no need to share a stand! Previously sold as two volumes, three duos each, all six are now combined in one volume.

  • Paganini Variations on Theme of Rossini

    a/k/a The Moses Variations

  • Penderecki Divertimento *

    A few copies of this remain, but the edition has been replaced with “Suite for Cello Solo.”  In that edition the movements have been arranged in a new order. Boris Pergamenshikov has added fingerings and bowings to four of the movements.

  • Penderecki Per Slava

    Solo cello

  • Preusser – Duets for Fun (2 cellos)

    This collection was formerly published as Treasure Chest of Duos.  It includes 50 original works from the Baroque to the Modern era, presented in progressive order of difficulty. Includes music by Gabrielli, Haydn, Mozart, Offenbach, Bartók, and others. Music is presented in score form with both parts on a page. Pieces start in 1st position and gradually advance through 4th but move through multiple key signatures, have trickier rhythms.  It’s nice to be in a comfortable note range when adding challenges.  Edited by Elmar Preusser

  • Rapp – Melodies by Old Masters Vol. 2

    Alte Meisterweisen fur junge Cellisten  ED5533.  These 14 pieces have a broad range of difficulty, including works or passages in bass, tenor and treble clef with more complex rhythmic challenges.  Don’t let the “for young cellists” suggest they are for beginner cellists.
    Contents: Prélude (Charpentier) • Gavotte and Musette (Loeillet) • Gavotte and Bourrée (Kuhnau) • Sarabande and Menuet (de Caix d’Hervelois) • Largo (Vivaldi) • Air (Mattheson) • Scherzo (Telemann) • Chorale ″Herzlich tut mich verlangen″ (Bach) • Aria (Händel) • Adagio and Allegro (Porpora) • Lento mèsto (Tartini) • Larghetto (Leo) • Rigaudon (Danquin) • Menuet (Valensin)

  • Reinagle 12 Progressive Duets (2 cellos)

    One book with both parts in score form. Material includes a variety of challenges while playing in the first four positions.

  • Placeholder

    Rodrigo Concertino – Dos piezas caballerescas (8 cellos +)

    For cello orchestra, set includes 3 parts each for Cello I, II, III and IV. Each part has divisi solo and tutti parts. Score included.

  • Rokoko Sonaten for 2 cellos

    Duets are in a single book with both parts in score form.  Parts are comparable in difficulty.  Boismortier Sonate D major, Corrette Sonate C major Op 24, Dupuits Sonate D minor.  Schott edition ED8785

  • Sammartini Sonata in G

    This piece also is published by IMC but attributed to the composer Berteau.