Publisher: Warner Bros.

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  • Mooney Double Stops for Cello

    The playing of double stops can help cellists develop intonation and ear training. It is easier to hear pitches against one another than in isolation. Good hand exercises, familiar tunes, make this another great learning tool.

  • Mooney Position Pieces for Cello Book 1

    Learning fingerboard geography is critical so the student knows what notes are available on all strings when shifting positions. This book is excellent for positions 1 through 4. Economy of movement in the left hand is more easily achieved when you realize and recognize notes, intervals, half steps and alternate places to play them. Highly recommended by Cellos 2 Go. Sound fundamentals promote ability to think through sensible fingerings when not provided.

  • Mooney Position Pieces for Cello Book 2

    This book logically continues with positions 5-7. Although it does not present itself as a tenor clef teaching tool, it is an excellent one. Firmly grounds the student in fingerboard geography with a written quiz for each new position pattern. Warm-ups are followed by student-teacher duets. Very good preparation for the real-life repertoire we aspire to play.

  • Mooney Thumb Position Book 1

    Following Position Pieces Book 2, this introduces thumb position fingering patterns where the thumb is on the harmonic just beyond 4th position. Daily warmups followed by fun fiddle tunes, some slower pieces to develop use of vibrato in upper positions. Pieces are in duet form; treble clef upper line, bass clef lower line.

  • Mooney Thumb Position Book 2: Thumbs of Steel

    The thumb moves off of the harmonic in this book.  Includes cello II for teacher.