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  • Squire Bourree Op. 24

    This edition includes a piano accompaniment CD.

  • Squire Cello Solo Collection

    Measure numbers provided at the start of each line which matters if you’re playing accompanied.  Includes piano part,  audio CD accompaniment, and mp3 audio download.
    At Morn (Joyeuse)
    At Twilight (Triste)
    Bourree Op. 24
    Cradle Song (Le Bonheur)
    Danse Rustique Op. 20 No. 5
    Fairy Tales (L’Innocence)
    Tarantella Op. 23


  • Squire Fairy Tales (L’Innocence)

    This edition has measure numbers at the start of each line, which is helpful if playing with pianist.  Includes CD with piano accompaniment.

  • Squire Tarantella

    Includes an audio CD with piano accompaniment at both rehearsal and performance tempos

  • Squire Tarantella Op. 23

    Edited by Fournier.