Boveda Starter Kit for cello (Large)


Boveda is a two-way system which controls humidity in your case whether it needs to be added or absorbed.  We were slow to offer this product because its use in cello cases seemed a bit awkward, and buying replacement packets is a commitment.  But we now have cellists needing the two-way management system for their finnicky cellos.   This starter kit includes the soft pockets into which the Boveda packets are placed (after removing them from their plastic wrapper).  Packets may remain effective for 2-6 months, and you can tell when they need replacement by how rigid they get.  Packet contents are natural salts and pure water.  Cellos require four packets to do the job, and remember to keep your case closed as exposure to the air will shorten their life.   When unopened, the packets can be stored for two years.  You can order additional packets when we ship your starter kit, or as you need them in the future.  A short video



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