GigLight Max


Lampcraft’s GigLight Max features two bright LEDs with rotating knobs to adjust the beam direction of each light so you can cover 2, 3 or 4 pages with an even light.  Operates on low power for 15 hours or high power for 8.5 hours.  Light quality remains constant as batteries drain, and a warning light comes on when you have 1 hour remaining on high, 2 hours on low.  Hinged arms operate silently and hold position well.    If you are the type who rarely uses a light and won’t remember to charge it for your next gig, this light lets you install fresh AA batteries (you need 4) and go.   If you have your own rechargeable batteries/charger, they will work with this light.  A compact profile, easy to adjust, no unwanted hue to the light.  Weighs 9.4 oz    ***An adapter  [USB] with 9-foot cord may be added for $15.99, and is recommended so you can be plugged in when outlets are available!