Bam Shamrock


Shamrock is part of the HighTech series, and an excellent choice for a light-weight, protective case at 8 lbs 13 oz. As part of Bam’s HT series, it has a 3-ply ABS shell over a foam core, but generic instead of Airex foam as in the other HT models. The scratch-resistant lids come in 4 colors with textured black backs.   Only the black is completely textured.  Injected high-density foam pads are broad, and support the strongest parts of the cello at the neck and bottom blocks. Standard 2 bow holders, string pocket, shoulder straps. Rigid when standing, aligns and closes easily with 5 latches. The interior is generous 37cm UB, 45cm LB, body length 80cm, total length 125cm but fit issues may occur at the center bouts and the C peg due to the tapering of the case.