Violoncello Duets for Beginners, Volume 2 (2 cellos)


Edited by Pejtsik.  This is not what we would consider “for beginners.”  Considering Book 1 did not go above a D in 1st position, one doesn’t expect Book 2 to start off with tenor clef.  Pieces are not arranged by difficulty, so you will find easier pieces that stay in bass clef, no higher than 4th position, with fingerings provided. Cello I and II parts vary in difficulty in this volume, so an advanced cellist can play with a less accomplished partner. Like the earlier volume, even if you’re in familiar territory with notes, the rhythms are challenging.

J.S. Bach – Canon cancrizans, Inventio in re minore; Beethoven – Marcia alla turca, Contredanse; Dotzauer – Andante con variazioni; Fiore – Trattenimento; Gabrielli – Balletto e Giga; Handel – Air; Haydn – Andante; Hook – Rondo; Kummer – Tema con variazioni; Mehul – Allegretto; Mozart – Divertimento; Offenbach – Two Duos; Pleyel – Duo; Reger – Canon im alten Styl; Stiastny – Fuga; Telemann – Sonata or Canon; Vivaldi – Adagio e Allegro