HELICORE (D’Addario)


Helicore brand is identified by the royal blue thread with yellow spiral at the ball end.   Tension is indicated by a secondary winding at the peg end: yellow for light, red for heavy.

4/4               3/4

$30.00        N/A          E is aluminum wound on stranded steel core.  Medium only

$26.00      $24.00      A  titanium winding – Medium is black at peg end

$28.00       $26.00     D nickel winding – Medium is yellow at peg end

$59.00        $51.00     G silver-tungsten winding  –  Medium is red at the peg end.

$73.00        $64.00     C silver-tungsten winding  –  Medium is purple at the peg end

$186.00     $165.00                   Set ADGC