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    Aria Forte LED Stand Light

    Forte F1 is Aria’s top-of-the-line light and requires a solid-back stand.   18 LEDs provide warm white light, and a full-range dimmer allows fine tuning for your light needs, which also determines run time (from 36 hours on low to 8 hrs on highest setting).  Battery is lithium polymer, and will recharge while lamp is in use with power cord.  Has both AC adapter and USB.  Weight 1 lb 7 oz.   Case is included.  4 in stock, and we are not going to carry these.  It’s a great light, but most of our “2go” cellists want something more compact for travel, and will fit on a wire stand.

  • Lotus Light Pro14 stand light

    Lotus Light Pro 14’s rechargeable lithium polymer battery has 30% more capacity than the previous model, now three light settings, and a “fuel gauge” so you know how much power is left on your battery.  1100 lumens illuminate like sunlight with no voids or hot spots, and maintains constant output as the battery discharges. Run time varies from 3.5 hours on high to 11 hours on lowest light.  Works on wire folding stands as well as solid orchestral stands.  Includes 8′ cord, USB adapter, zippered carrying pouch.    Weight 8.5 oz, Shade width 13″  Made in USA!

  • Music Stand – K&M Topline

    Heavy-duty K&M#10065  Topline (formerly called Deluxe) folding wire stand features an adjustable tripod base and a large desk.  One-piece telescoping construction means you can never leave part of your stand behind.   Desk surface is 19″ wide x 9″ high, 1.7″ deep lip. Height can be set from 23-48″.   Weight 3.3 lbs.  Folds to 19″.   Black   When you need a stable, heavier folding gig stand, this is a great option.

  • GigLight Max

    Lampcraft’s GigLight Max features two bright LEDs with rotating knobs to adjust the beam direction of each light so you can cover 2, 3 or 4 pages with an even light.  Operates on low power for 15 hours or high power for 8.5 hours.  Light quality remains constant as batteries drain, and a warning light comes on when you have 1 hour remaining on high, 2 hours on low.  Hinged arms operate silently and hold position well.    If you are the type who rarely uses a light and won’t remember to charge it for your next gig, this light lets you install fresh AA batteries (you need 4) and go.   If you have your own rechargeable batteries/charger, they will work with this light.  A compact profile, easy to adjust, no unwanted hue to the light.  Weighs 9.4 oz    ***An adapter  [USB] with 9-foot cord may be added for $15.99, and is recommended so you can be plugged in when outlets are available!