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  • Liebenzeller Larica Meteoreisen

    Meteoric iron rosin is strong, metallic and direct in tone.  It is powerful and penetrating, yet warm. Available for cello in hardness III and IV.

  • Liebenzeller Larica Tin

    Tin (Zinn) metal additive is available for cello in hardness III and IV. Tin rosin gives a fuller and more radiant sound than meteoric. Recommended for solo playing.

  • Melos rosins

    Melos rosin is made in Greece.  Select from these formulas:  Light for warmer weather and chamber music.  Dark for colder weather and for full-tone orchestral playing.   Sticky is softer with stronger grip than the dark.  Full-size cakes.

  • Millant-Deroux

    Millant-Deroux dark rosin from France.  Look for the cat on the red lid.

  • Pirastro Cellisto

    Cellisto is brilliant cherry red in color, and is a soft rosin for cello.

  • Pirastro Cello

    Cello is a brilliant cherry red color, slightly harder rosin for cello.

  • Pirastro Gold

    Gold rosin vb Pirastro.  Orange in color, it is softer than Goldflex and better suited for use with gut strings.

  • Pirastro Goldflex

    Goldflex is a slightly harder rosin mixed with gold dust; for general use.

  • Salchow

    Salchow rosin is a medium-dark rosin, identifiable by its blue soft cover with elastic closure.  It is a very popular rosin created by a master bowmaking family in New York.
    There is also a light version in a green cloth (not to be confused with Hill light) used primarily by violins and violas.

  • Wiedoeft rosin

    Rosin is made in the USA specifically for cello. Easy application, low powder, long-lasting.  The silicone case is unique, practical, and easy to use.  Just roll the sides down to expose the surface of the rosin, roll it back up when done.