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  • Camilo Herculano

    From L’Archet Brasil, round pernambuco stick, silver mounted with 3-piece mother of pearl button, 80.3 grams, .   Camilo Herculano has been making bows since 2002.

  • Coda Escent

    Holiday pricing  $1075.50   Coda’s newest bow is the Escent.  It’s a step above the GX, is a Global Bow with no materials that will cause a problem with Customs if you travel internationally.   Weight 80.3 grams

  • Coda Marquise CS Escher

    Holiday pricing  $1710     Another custom bow in the Marquise series, the Escher features a distinctive frog and color scheme.  The technology is still Marquise, but with different appointments.  This bow’s weight is 77.1 grams.

  • Coda Marquise CS Tuxedo

    Holiday Pricing  $1710   Coda’s Marquise line now offers custom bows.  One is the art deco inspired “Tuxedo”  which features a brown CF stick.  Weight on this bow is 78.6 grams.

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    Juliano Oliveira

    Pernambuco stick, L’Archet Silver Plus model.  82 g

  • Albin Hums

    Albin Hums, bowmaker 1882-1959.  Stick is pernambuco, round, with silver-mounted ebony frog.  81.4 grams

  • L’Archet Art Deco

    Pernambuco stick, round, silver mounted ebony frog, stamped by the maker Manoel Francisco, weight 84g

  • Arcus Series 5

    If you want to spend under $2,000 you should consider a test drive of the Arcus M5 and T5.  The playing and tonal characteristics are different, but so is each player’s ability.  Trial is the only way to see if one will work for you.  M5 target weight is 75 grams, T5 target weight 72 grams.

  • Durrschmidt

    Otto Durrschmidt silver mounted pernambuco stick, octagonal.  (Germany)