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  • 7/8 Andreas Eastman

    Cello made in 2009 has had one previous owner, and just came back to us in excellent condition.  After a quick trip to get Pegheds and freshen things up, it will be available!  If you are moving up from a 3/4 or are perhaps 5’5″ or shorter and 4/4 cellos feel disproportionate to you, consider the 7/8 size.  This model has narrow lower bouts, so if you have short legs you’ll find this comfortable.
    Back length 715 mm
    Upper bouts  330 mm
    Lower bouts  410 mm
    String length  670 mm

  • Ariana

    The Ariana is a new model cello here.  It has a shorter back length but is not a petite cello.  Since this has just arrived,  will be getting Pegheds installed, and then wait its turn for setup, it won’t be showroom ready for a while.
    Back length  740 mm
    Upper bouts  360 mm
    Lower bouts  440 mm
    String length  ~ 695 mm

  • LiuXi Gagliano

    Cello is patterned after an Alessandro Gagliano and made of Chinese maple and spruce in Shanghai, 2019.   Previously owned, this cello has been set up with ebony friction pegs, Belgian bridge, Akusticus tailpiece, 10mm CF endpin which is removable.
    Back length 75- mm
    Upper bouts  345 mm
    Lower bouts  447 mm
    String length  690 mm

  • LiuXi Montagnana

    Previously-owned Lu Xi Montagnana pattern cello features boxwood friction pegs and tailpiece (no fine tuners), Belgian bridge, 10mm endpin, Obligato strings.

    Back length  750 mm
    Upper bouts  355 mm
    Lower bouts  445 mm
    String length  700 mm

  • Scott Cao 017

    Not yet set up for sale, we want you to know it’s going to be ready in early November.  One of our entry level carved cellos, this is made of Chinese tonewoods and set up here with upgraded parts for better sound and performance.  Feel free to contact us with questions about this and any other cello we offer.

  • Scott Cao 750E

    Made of European tonewoods, this cello is a copy of a Strad pattern known as the Gore Booth 1710.  Just arrived and not yet set up, check back in early November.

  • Scott Cao Guadagnini

    This cello is the go-to model for a lot of people who aren’t sure if they need a 7/8 or a 4/4.   It has features of both, with its unique dimensions and contours.   Not many makers offer this pattern, and this is one of the most affordable.  Made of European tonewoods, it’s in line for setup and and should be ready in early November.  Contact us for details and explanations, but schedule a visit to play, compare and experience the differences.

  • 1/2 size Stratton Special

    German 1/2 size carved cello c. 1940-1950 has been restored and set up with Pegheds, Belgian bridge, hardwood fitting with 24″ 8mm endpin.   We used to work with fractional sizes and trade them up, but this is one of the few remaining and we hope it finds a home with a school or program that routinely has small cellists as students as we no longer trade these cellos.  Outfit includes a Bobelock padded bag and a high-quality brazilwood bow stamped Jos. Martin, wt 68g
    Back length 655 mm
    Upper bouts 300 mm
    Lower bouts 370 mm
    String length 628 mm

  • 3/4 size J. Neumann

    3/4 cello outfit includes J. Neumann model 35 carved cello, hard case with wheels, and a Bucci carbon fiber bow (weight 72.3 g).   The cello features an enhanced setup with Belgian bridge (Benning Violins in CA), Larsen-Spirocore, NHM 10mm endpin set.  The Bucci carbon fiber bow (72.7 g)  shows some wear, as does the case, which is inevitable.   Contact us for more details.
    Back length  693 mm
    Upper bouts 320 mm
    Lower bouts 410 mm
    String length  632 mm

  • 3/4 size Quintus

    Quintus carbon fiber cello’s 3/4 size was made in 2000.   We are hopeful this cello will find a home with a music camp or program where 3/4 size cellists come through regularly. The material is resonant and durable and immune to the hazards of temperature and humidity changes.   The cello has a composite fingerboard that does not need planing, as well as composite pegs which don’t shrink or swell. Currently sporting an adjustable bridge, we are leaving as-is for the next owner to do as they wish.  Endpin is metal, 21″ long, removable.  Wittner alloy tailpiece. Other than some cosmetic scuffs, the cello has had no damage or repairs.

    Back length 680 mm

    Upper bout 310 mm

    Lower bouts 390 mm

    String length 640 mm.

    While it has a top plate with “purfling” of red pinstripe, the molded back & ribs are one piece with rounded edges and button, making it comfortable to play.

  • Prelude Superior

    Vivo’s Prelude Superior is a carved cello, set up here, and is currently our most affordable cello.  The parts and strings we use can vary because it’s boring to set up every cello the same.  This one has a French bridge, an Akusticus tailpiece, Pegheds geared pegs so they do not stick or slip when tuning.  10mm endpin in a NHM composite fitting provides stability if you pull the rod out really far — and there are longer lengths available.

    Back length  760 mm

    Upper bouts  343 mm

    Lower bouts 443 mm

    String length  695 mm