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  • 7/8 size Andreas Eastman 200

    Cello made in 2009 has had one previous owner, and just came back to us in excellent condition.  After a quick trip to get Pegheds and freshen things up, it will be available!  If you are moving up from a 3/4 or are perhaps 5’5″ or shorter and 4/4 cellos feel disproportionate to you, consider the 7/8 size.  This model has narrow lower bouts, so if you have short legs you’ll find this comfortable.
    Back length 715 mm
    Upper bouts  330 mm
    Lower bouts  410 mm
    String length  670 mm

  • Ariana

    SOLD  This Ariana 4/4 is made in a few models with differing back lengths, and we will get more in.  Cello has Pegheds installed, a Belgian bridge, NHM composite fitting with 10mm endpin.

    Back length   740 mm
    Upper bouts  355 mm
    Lower bouts  435 mm
    String length 700 mm

  • Ariana 7/8 size cello

    SOLD but we will be reordering so if you are investigating  7/8 cello options, keep this in mind.  Proportions on a cello vary as they can on people who have short legs and a long torso, or vice versa.  You can get a cello that fits your body, and is comfortable for your left hand if you’ve struggled with intonation.  This cello has been set up here with Pegheds, a Despiau Belgian bridge and upgraded soundpost, NHM composite fitting with 10mm endpin.
    Back length  725 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  420 mm
    String length  678 mm

  • DZ Strad

    Cello for sale on consignment.  DZ 150.  Setup from maker  includes ebony friction pegs, Belgian bridge, Wittner-style Chinese tailpiece, fitting with 10mm CF endpin.

    Back Length  765 mm
    Upper bouts  350 mm
    Lower bouts  435 mm
    String length  698 mm

  • LiuXi Montagnana

    Liu Xi Montagnana (2020) pattern cello is made of Chinese tonewoods and features boxwood Pegheds and tailpiece (no fine tuners), Belgian bridge, 10mm endpin.   Setup done by previous shop, but Pegheds were installed here by Chuck Herin.

    Back length  750 mm
    Upper bouts  355 mm
    Lower bouts  445 mm
    String length  700 mm

  • Mathias Thoma

    Mathias Thoma cello c. 2005 made of European wood is being sold here on consignment with the setup of the previous owner.   Cello comes with brazilwood bow stamped Math. Thoma Germany and light-weight foam-core case.
    Back length 755 mm
    Upper bouts  350 mm
    Lower bouts  440 mm
    String length  698 mm

  • Scott Cao

    Made of European wood, this model ST017E just arrived.  After it gets Pegheds installed, we’ll finish the setup and it will be available for sale.  Hopefully by the end of November   We wanted you to be aware so it’s on your radar if you are shopping.  Stay tuned…

    Back length  760 mm
    Upper bouts  350 mm
    Lower bouts  455 mm

  • Placeholder

    Scott Cao 7/8 size

    Cellists moving up from a 3/4, or downsizing from a too-large 4/4 may want to consider the 7/8 size.  It is about proportions, yours and the cello’s, for the best fit.  We just received this model 017, and it is in line to be set up — hopefully by December.  We’ll happily explain to you the differences between 7/8 cellos in case you think they are all the same.  Nope!  Just give us a call or send an email.

    Back length  725 mm
    Upper bouts  330 mm
    Lower bouts  422 mm

  • Zetoni

    Zetoni model 200 is lightly antiqued, set up with PegHeds, a Belgian bridge, Akusticus tailpiece, and a composite NHM endpin fitting for 10mm endpin.

    Back length  760 mm
    Upper bouts  355 mm
    Lower bouts  440 mm
    String length  700 mm

  • 1/2 size Stratton Special

    German 1/2 size carved cello c. 1940-1950 has been restored and set up with Pegheds, Belgian bridge, hardwood fitting with 24″ 8mm endpin.
    Back length 655 mm
    Upper bouts 300 mm
    Lower bouts 370 mm
    String length 628 mm

  • Quintus Carbon Fiber 3/4 size cello

    Quintus was one of only two makers that made 3/4 carbon fiber  cellos, and this is one from 2000.   Carbon fiber is resonant, durable, and immune to the hazards of temperature and humidity changes.   The fingerboard is composite and does not need planing; likewise composite pegs which don’t shrink or swell.   The bridge is still maple and can warp like any bridge, but for the most part you have a less-sensitive cello for kids or small adults who wish they could find a CF in their size.

    Back length 680 mm
    Upper bout 310 mm
    Lower bouts 390 mm
    String length 640 mm.

    While it has a top plate with “purfling” of red pinstripe, the molded back & ribs are one piece with rounded edges and button, making it comfortable to play.