Unaccompanied Cello

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  • BIS Encore for Cello

    Telemann Vivace from Fantasie
    JS Bach Prelude from Partita D major, Fugue in G minor
    Paganini Caprices Nos., 13, 14 & 19
    Piatti Caprice IV Op. 25
    Wieniawski Caprice Op. 18
    Popper Etude Op. 28
    Albeniz: Asturias (Leyenda)
    Escudero Bulerias (Flamenco)


  • Dall’Abaco Capricci for Violoncello Solo (Urtext)

    11 Capricci for unaccompanied cello.  This edition includes an urtext part, nicely typeset, with a facsimile of the original work.

  • Carter Figment No. 2 – Remembering Mr. Ives

    For solo cello, duration 5 minutes.

  • Flaherty – Semi Suite

    The composer writes: “Lament” is a slow movement based on a short tune first presented high on the C string, in imitation of a wooden flute. The tune is fragmented and gradually reassembled, finally appearing well above the normal cello range, in harmonics.  “Trilling” is a response both to my interest in rhythmic and metric interaction and to the frustrating boredom of practicing standard trill studies as a cello student. The movement proceeds with a nearly constant measured trill on one string while a slower moving line on adjacent strings continuously redefines the metric meaning of the trill. A short cadenza in the center of the piece leads to a varied recapitulation of the main idea.

  • Franchomme 12 Caprices Op. 7

    #854   Beyond what many people consider to be the “intermediate” player. Extensive use of thumb position in arpeggios, complex rhythms, bowing, double stops and chords.  Solo cello

  • Gabrielli 7 Ricercari solo cello

    The ricercari are more accessible than many movements of Bach’s suites, so keep them in mind when looking for solo works.  FYI, this edition has no fingerings suggested.

  • Crumb Sonata for Solo Violoncello

    I.  Fantasia    II. Tema pastorale con variazioni

  • Minsky – Dead Cello

    A solo cello music suite based on the music of the Grateful Dead, arranged by Aaron Minsky (Von Cello)
    Contents:  The Other One, Dark Star, Stella Blue, Truckin’