Unaccompanied Cello

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  • Bach, JS – Six Suites for Solo Cello BWV 1007-1012 (Leisinger)

    A nicely-laid out edition with plenty of room to mark as you wish. No fingerings are provided though there are slurs. Suite 5 has both tunings. There are fold-out pages which are really nice. A separate booklet with critical commentary completes the two-volume set.

  • Bach, JS – Six Suites for Violoncello Solo BWV 1007-1012 (Alexanian)

    Edited by Alexanian. This edition of the Bach Cello Suites contains not only the music as interpreted with bowings and fingerings by Alexanian, but also an analysis of his interpretation in English, French and German. Included is the Anna Magdalena manuscript.  Solo cello

  • Bach, JS – Six Suites for Solo Cello BWV 1007-1012 (Starkweather)

    This edition scores high on the readility index.  Not every cellist who studies these works is a conservatory player, and amateur eyes often appreciate the font, darkness, layout, in addition to markings which usually are changed at will.

    *Note.  David’s newest and extremely detailed edition is available at his own website.  https://starkweatherdavid.com/bach-suites-edition

  • Bach, JS – Suite No. 4 BWV 1010 (Varga) 2 cellos

    Cello Suite 4 complete, transcribed to G major from E flat major and edited by Laszlo Varga.  Two booklets, both in score form.

  • Bach, JS – Partita in E major BWV 1006 (Varga)

    Laszlo Varga has arranged the Violin Partita in E major to A major  (down an octave and a fifth lower)  With our C string, he was able to add bass notes to certain chords.  (MC-25)

  • Bach, JS – Suite 1 BWV 1007

    Suite 1 all by itself, excerpted from the Wiener Urtext edition of all six suites, minus the critical commentary.  Annotations include slurs only, no bowings or fingerings.

  • Bach, JS – Six Suites for Solo Cello BWV 1007-1012 (Talle)

    (BA5257) published in 2018, edited by Andrew Talle, is described as “New Urtext Edition with articulation markings.” Includes detailed introduction reassessing the relations between the surviving sources, genesis of the suites, and interpretive practices in Bach’s day.

  • Best of the Beatles 2nd Edition

    92 songs for cello solo.  Eleanor Rigby, Fool on the Hill, Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Let It Be, Something, Yesterday….. No accompaniment available, no bowings or fingerings in the part.

  • Bernofsky – Fandango for solo cello

    Radiating all the heat of passionate Spanish dance music, Lauren Bernofsky’s Fandango uses the solo cello both for the strumming and rhythmic effects of Flamenco, and also for the sensual lyricism of this ripe folk idiom. Fandango features a rich hybrid language, blending dark chord progressions in G Minor, Phrygian color, and an expansive and exploratory harmonic palette. The work’s visceral theatricality results in a 5½-minute tour de force for the cellist – a showpiece of texture, drama, and lyricism.