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  • Beethoven Sonata, Op. 64

    This sonata for cello & piano  is an arrangement of String Trio Op. 3 (1792).   Originally in E flat, transcribed to D major and edited by Laszlo Varga.   [MC-20]

  • Beethoven Sonatas for cello and piano

    Five sonatas edited by Janos Starker – Great Performer’s Edition

  • Beethoven Sonatas for Cello and Piano (Urtext)

    (Henle 894) Edited by Dufner.  Includes 2 cello parts – one annotated with fingerings and bowings by Geringas, one clean copy so you can create your own performance edition.  Maintains material from the critical edition

  • Beethoven String Quartet Op. 127 (Urtext)

    (HN 740)  Parts, no score

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    Beethoven String Quartet Op. 131 (Urtext)

    (HN 742)  Parts, no score

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    Beethoven String Quartet Op. 135 (Urtext)

    (HN 744)  Parts, no score

  • Beethoven Trio in C, Op. 87 (3 cellos)

    [IMC #2227]  Originally composed for two oboes and English horn. Cello I is entirely in tenor clef and requires thumb position; Cello II is in bass clef moving briefly above 4th position for a B; Cello III barely moves out of first position to an occasional E. There are many octave jumps in the lower positions, many ungainly passages.

  • Beethoven Triple Concerto Op. 56

    (IMC #2186)  Cello solo edited by Rose, Violin solo edited by Oistrakh, Piano Solo edited by Taub, and 2nd piano part reduction of the orchestra

  • Beethoven Triple Concerto Op. 56

    (BA 9027-90)   Cello solo, Violin solo, Piano Solo, and 2nd piano part reduction of the orchestra

  • Beethoven Variations for Piano and Violoncello

    Urtext edition.  Judas Maccabaus WoO 45, Magic Flute Op. 66, Magic Flute WoO 46.  Includes two cellos parts, one annotated and a clean copy for you to make your own performance edition.  [HEN 913]

  • Orchestral Excerpts Vol. 2 (4 cellos)

    BRAHMS: Symphony No 2 – 2nd mvt and Symphony No. 3 – 3rd mvt
    BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 8 – 3rd mvt Trio and Symphony No. 9 – 4th mvt
    TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 – 2nd mvt
    VERDI: Requiem Offertorio
    Arranged by Edward Laut, suitable for advanced players with parts III and IV less demanding than I and II. Includes parts with score.