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  • Lidstrom The Orchestral Cellist – Excerpts

    29 essential orchestral cello part excerpts for auditions with unique color-coding that shows suggested fingerings, bowings, and commentary. The excerpts have copious stylistic pointers throughout each excerpt.

  • Bach, JS 25 Duets from the Cantatas (2 cellos)

    Compiled and transcribed by Fred Sherry. Both parts in score form in a single book.  Titles are long, but here are the Cantata Nos.

    81, 25, 88, 74, 31, 39, 94, 87, 122, 92, 97, 185, 111, 37, 126, 137, 12, 10, 129, 76, 3, 182, 21, 7, 6.

  • Bartok 18 Duos (2 cellos)

    From 44 Duos for 2 Violins arranged for 2 violoncelli by Walter Kurz.  At first blush the pieces appear deceptively simple. Most of the duets can be played with a working knowledge of first and second positions. However, phrasing, dynamic markings, changes in time signature, and complex rhythms quickly reveal much more intricate music happening here. While parts appear evenly matched, it will be helpful to play with a more advanced partner. Newer students will have questions. Highly recommended because of the broad scope of skills required and, after all, it is Bartok! The 18 pieces are short, absolutely loaded with material.

  • Bartok Cello Concerto

    Transcribed by Serly from the concerto for viola and orchestra.  *This is a special order, POD (print on demand) and we have limited quantity in stock.  This is the cello solo part only; no piano reduction.

  • Bartok Romanian Folk Dances

    Hywel Davies has arranged the suite for cello with piano accompaniment. Contents: Stick Dance • Sash Dance • In One Spot • Dance from Bucsum • Romanian Polka • Fast Dance.  This edition varies a bit from the Luigi Silva Roumanian Folk Dances: a key change in No. 3, an octave reversal in another piece.  Certainly the font is more readable, larger in this edition.  Someone said this was “an easier edition” but only in a handful of passages  Still includes three clefs, notes are empirically the same.

  • Bartok Roumanian Folk Dances

    Transcribed by Luigi Silva for cello and piano.  Joc Cu Bata, Braul, Pe Loc, Buciumeana, Poara Romaneasca, Maruntel.   (There is an alternate edition on the site Romanian Folk Dances transcribed by Hywel Davies)    There are variations between editions including which octave a passage is in, sometimes an alternate key, and sometimes no difference at all as you work through the six folk songs.  Silva has been the go-to edition for years.


  • Britten Symphony for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 68

    Cello part with piano reduction.

  • Carter Figment No. 2 – Remembering Mr. Ives

    For solo cello, duration 5 minutes.

  • Finzi Cello Concerto

    New “performing” edition compiled by editor Jeremy Dale Roberts from exisiting sources.  With piano reduction