10 mm Solid Carbon Fiber Endpin (NHM)


New Harmony Music’s solid 10 mm CF endpin  has an extremely sharp heat-hardened steel tip which can be resharpened.   If you don’t have calipers to measure the diameter of your current endpin, you can measure around the circumference.  If it’s 1.25″ you have a 10 mm endpin.  Each endpin is sold with a (replaceable)  plastic-lined rubber cap.  While the standard endpin length is 20″, some cellists are finding that more endpin resonating inside their cello improves the sound.  Results always vary, so we can’t tell you what will happen, only that we can give you the opportunity to try and find out.
20″ endpin  $63.00
24″ endpin  $73.50
28″ endpin  $84.00