RAT Jazz Stand & bag


Jazz stand has a solid back which raises/lowers with a friction-joint telescoping mechanism, rotates to fold flat against the base.  No parts to assemble, and no knobs or tighteners.   The angled design brings the desk closer to you.  There is a lower shelf for bow, pencil, whatever, and the upper shelf is split which allows for easier page turns as the page overhangs the edge.   Desk width 19.5″, total desk height 15″, but 13″ from music lip to top of back.  Telescoping height range of music is 18-48″.  Music shelf is 2 1/4″ deep.  Sold with carrying case.  *Stand is adjustable in any increments you wish; you do not have to raise a whole telescoping section at a time.  The desk can be angled so the music nearly lays flat (if being used for conducting) or rotated up to a vertical and slightly beyond.  But it always holds firmly where you set it.