Bam High Tech Slim


We have one Bam HighTech Slim Orangey which has slight bubbling of the finish and qualifies as a second choice, and this is offered at the sale price.  In no way is the integrity of the case compromised.    Now on to the description of the Slim!  It is sculpted closely to the contours of the cello, providing a compact ultralight cello case .  Protection is excellent with a thermal and shock-resistant Airex core beneath its strong ABS shell.  Weight is 2.9kg (just over 6 lbs). Dense, broad foam cushions suspend the cello at its bottom and neck block. The buffer zone between cello and outside world is reduced, so take your specific usage into consideration before buying. Standard 2 bow holders, a string pocket, shoulder straps, etc. The neck and scroll strap fasten with a clasp. UB 14.25″, LB 17.5″ It is also advised to check the cello laying down to see whether the neck/scroll angle is too extreme to fit without resting on the scroll compartment.  The regular price is in effect for other colors, just this special Orangey is on sale.