Bam Hightech Adjustable


BAM HIGH TECH 4.4 is a large case with an adjustable interior to fit most 4/4 cellos up to 39cm UB, 48 cm LB, body length 79 cm, total length 126 cm. It is the go-to case for many Goffrillers and Montagnanas.  Shell is 3-ply ABS over an Airex foam core and provides superior thermal and shock resistance. Easily closes with 5 latches for a weathertight seal. Dense foam suspension pads support the neck and bottom blocks. The pad at the neck block is on a velcro track and can be moved to fit the body length, keeping track of  the C peg’s proximity to the case edge.  Additional velcro-back pads are included to customize fit. This case is identifiable by the soft patch over the bridge, and loop handle on the back. Weight 4.4kg (9.8 lbs)  Available in black carbon look.  YES, it does fit in the Bam Flight Cover.   Start with the scroll end!!  It is a snug fit, but it is easier when you push the bottom end of the case in last.  Available:  1 Black Carbon Look  $2047.  All cases arriving now are at the new 2023 price.