EUDOXA (Pirastro)


Eudoxa strings are low tension, have a sheep gut core which is wound and polished.  Altering the string gauge by 1/2 PM changes string tension by 4%.  The brand is identifiable by violet with white spiral winding at the tailpiece end.  We usually stock medium tension but can order light and heavy gauge.  (Eudoxa has higher tension than Chorda but lower than Oliv)

PricePitchWinding/CorePMPeg endColor at peg endtension
$49.00Aaluminum/gut20.5, 21, 21.5 PM Ball at end.Peg end is black13, 13.2 , 13.6
$59.00Daluminum-silver/gut23.5, 24, 24.5Ball at end.Peg end is orange11.8, 12.8, 13.4
$84.00Gsilver/gut26, 26.5, 27Knot at end.Peg end brown12.4, 12.8, 13.2
$99.00Csilver/gut34.5, 35, 35.5Knot at end.Peg end violet12.2, 12.4, 12.6