FLEXOCOR (Pirastro)


Flexocor currently offers two sets of strings as the original version is phased out and replaced with Flexocore Deluxe.

FLEXOCOR ORIGINAL strings are steel core, insensitive to humidity and temperature changes.   They are identifiable by maroon thread with gold spiral at the tailpiece end.   *The G and C strings are discontinued and have sold out.  We still have some A and D in medium and stark tension.

$ 40.00   A     chrome/single filament steel          Black at peg end            15.8, 16.4, 18.6 kg tension

$ 45.00   D     titanium/ rope core                          Orange at peg end         13.4, 15.0, 15.8

FLEXOCOR DELUXE are the newest generation and are identifiable by white thread with a red spiral at the tailpiece end.  The new strings vary in winding and/or core.  See below.

$ 31.00  A     chrome steel/steel                            Black at peg end              17.7 kg tension

$ 32.00   D    chrome steel/steel                            Orange at peg end           13.4 kg

$ 47.00   G    tungsten/steel rope core                 Brown at peg end            12.8 kg

$ 67.00    C    tungsten/steel rope core                 Blue violet at peg end     13.0 kg