FLEXOCORE (Pirastro)


Flexocore strings are steel core, insensitive to humidity and temperature changes.   Brand is identifiable by maroon thread with gold spiral at the tailpiece end.   *The G and C strings have a high success rate here with most cellists reporting a rich, warm sound.   Not every cellist is preparing major concerti and require the power that some high-priced tungsten strings can deliver.    We stock medium, occasionally have stark but they can be ordered.

$ 45.00   A     chrome/single filament steel          Black at peg end            15.8, 16.4, 18.6 kg tension

$ 52.00   D     titanium/ rope core                          Orange at peg end         13.4, 15.0, 15.8

$ 71.00   G     silver-tungsten/rope core               Brown at peg end           13.0, 13.6, 15.8

$ 87.00   C     silver-tungsten/rope core                Violet at peg end           12.8, 13.4, 15.4