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  • 7/8 size Vivo Euro

    Made of European tonewoods, this 7/8 is set up with Pegheds, a Belgian bridge, Akusticus tailpiece, composite fitting by NHM for 8mm endpin.  Be aware that there is a lot of variation in 7/8 cello dimensions.   Contact us to learn more about considerations and options when you find 4/4 too large for you.
    Back length  730 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  420 mm
    String length  680 mm

  • Guadagnini 1777 by Vivo

    The Guadagnini has a short back length, is wider with a stretch through the center bouts.  Unlike the 7/8 that has shallower depth and shorter distance to the C peg from the rib, this is every bit a 4/4.  So you get a full-size cello with a shorter string length, and the premium setup gives it a full sound.  Peghedsd, French bridge, Horvat custom tailpiece, NHM composite fitting for 10mm endpins.
    Back length  720 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  422 mm
    String length  682 mm

  • Horvat & Gunst

    From our Professional Series, made of European wood and finished here by Damir Horvat.   Setup includes ebony Pegheds, Belgian bridge, custom tailpiece, and NHM 6-degree angle fitting for 10mm endpin.

    Back length  760 mm
    Upper bouts  360 mm
    Lower bouts  445 mm
    String length  700 mm

  • Horvat & Gunst 7/8 size

    SOLD but we have another in the works – Exclusive to Cellos2Go, our H&G cellos are finished here by Damir Horvat, each with its own look.  This 7/8 has a dark varnish with special Hummingbird on the back of the neck.  Setup includes Pegheds, custom tailpiece.  The next cello will have a different color hand varnish and setup.  Stay tuned . . .

    Back length       740 mm
    Upper bouts      350 mm
    Lower bouts      435 mm
    String length    680 mm

  • Scott Cao Guadagnini

    This is copy of a 1777  G.B. Guadagnini from Scott Cao, made of European tonewoods.   It is a very popular cello with cellists wanting a 4/4 size but with a more comfortable string length.  It has had PegHeds installed, a Despiau Belgian bridge, Akusticus tailpiece NHM composite fitting for 10 mm endpin.   If you have contemplated a 7/8 size, contact us to get an explanation of the differences, and schedule an appointment to play and compare.

    Back length  720 mm
    Upper bouts  340 mm
    Lower bouts  422 mm
    String length 678 mm

  • Scott Cao Montagnana

    Part of Scott Cao’s Artistic series, this model 750E cello is a Montagnana 1739 copy made of European tonewoods.  This cello has PegHeds installed, a Belgian bridge, NHM fitting with 10mm endpin (you have options from hollow or solid carbon fiber to metal alloys).  Larsen strings provide a rich, mellow sound but strings can be easily changed if you want a different tone.

    BL 750 mm
    UB  370 mm
    LB 450 mm
    SL 700 mm


  • Violin – German c. 1910-1945

    This lone violin is an exception here, belonged to a family member, and hopefully will find its new home through a cellist friend.  It is a German instrument c. 1910-1945s, based on a classic Cremonese Gagliano pattern.   Based on good quality of materials and craftsmanship, stable structural condition, good tonal quality, the value has been placed at $5,000.  It is paired with an Adolf Schuster*** pernambuco bow $1800.  It is outfitted with a new Bam St. Germaine III case.  Additional information and documentation provided upon request.  We prefer a local SC sale, but have a satellite presence in Charlottesville and Savannah which helps expand the audience.

  • Williams Gengakki

    Made for the Williams Gengakki shop, this 2009 Davidoff model has been sold.