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  • 7/8 Vivo

    As you can see, this cello has not yet been set up, but in case you are in the market for a 7/8 size at least you know it will be available within a few weeks.  Made of European tonewoods, it’s going to be getting Pegheds installed and then we’ll decide the rest of the setup.   BRB with the rest of the details!
    Back length
    Upper bouts
    Lower bouts
    String length

  • Guadagnini (Vivo)

    This is a small but mighty 4/4 Guadagnini pattern and is often by chosen by cellists contemplating a move to 7/8 size.  We’ll happily explain the differences between these dimensions and the wide variety of dimensions you can find in 7/8 cellos, for those who think there is a standard 7/8 template.    Carved cello with European tonewoods: spruce top, maple ribs and back.  Set up here with Pegheds, a Despiau Belgian bridge, custom Horvat tailpiece, NHM composite fitting for 10mm endpin (many options for endpin).  Strings are Larsen and Rondo.
    Back length 720 mm
    Upper bouts  335 mm
    Lower bouts  423 mm
    String length  685 mm

  • H&G Professional Series

    H&G is our signature edition cello.  We start with a European white cello, the top is removed, and luthier Damir Horvat goes to work refining the interior, applying a beautiful varnish, and setting it up with a variety of fine components.  This cello features Pegheds, a Belgian bridge, 6-degree NHM composite fitting with 10mm endpin, Horvat custom tailpiece.
    Back length 763 mm
    Upper bouts  360 mm
    Lower bouts  445 mm
    String length  700 mm

  • Jay Haide

    Ruggieri model made in 2012, previously owned is available for sale.   Current setup:  ebony friction pegs, Belgian bridge, Larsen/Spirocore tungsten strings, Akusticus tailpiece, 10mm CF endpin with stop.
    Back length 752 mm
    Upper bouts  370 mm
    Lower bouts  455 mm
    String length 695 mm


  • Scott Cao 850

    Model 850 is made in Guangzhou, and this specific pattern is Guadagnini.   Cello has a 2-piece top of Italian spruce, and the ribs and 2-piece back are of Bosnian maple.  The setup includes Pegheds  French bridge, custom Horvat tailpiece.   The NHM composite fitting accommodates a range of 10mm endpins from carbon fiber to alloys.  If you are finding most 4/4 too large but 7/8 smaller than you want, this could be juuust right.
    Back length  717 mm
    Upper bouts  340 mm
    Lower bouts  420 mm
    String length  683 mm

  • Zetoni Euro

    Just in from Vivo, this cello is made of European tonewoods and set up here.  It features Pegheds, French bridge, custom Horvat tailpiece, NHM fitting for 10mm endpin (10 choices of endpins), Il Cannone strings by Larsen.
    Back length  760 mm
    Upper bouts  355 mm
    Lower bouts  445 mm
    String length  700 mm

  • H&G Professional Series 7/8

    This is our own label, Horvat & Gunst for Cellos2Go.  We start with a European white cello, Damir removes the top and picks up where the maker left off to refine the cello’s interior before he finishes it with a gorgeous hand varnish.   Setup includes Pegheds, a Belgian bridge, a Horvat custom tailpiece, and NHM endpin fitting for a 10mm endpin (for which there are many options).   This is the largest 7/8 with which we have worked, and is similar in many respects to the Guadagnini models we also sell.   Contact us with any questions, but we recommend scheduling an appointment!
    Back length 735 mm
    Upper bouts 345 mm
    Lower bouts 430 mm
    String length 683 mm