Cellos: 6

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    Gibbons – Fantasia 35 (6 cellos)

    Composed by Orlando Gibbons, arranged by Jorge Espinoza for cello sextet. Fluency through 4th position required, but some parts spend more time in 4th position than others. Includes parts with score.

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    Gibbons – Go From My Window (6 cellos)

    Composed by Orlando Gibbons, arranged by Jorge Espinoza for cello sextet. Cellos 1-4 must be fluent in tenor clef while Cellos 5-6 stay in bass clef. Parts with score.

  • Grieg Holberg Suite (6 cellos)

    Includes parts, no score.  No real “beginner” material in this.
    Cellos I – II require advanced players who are comfortable in treble clef, thumb position, double stops.
    Cello III and IV has a blend of bass, tenor and treble clefs, not always warranted given the note range.  Could be disconcerting for players who are unable to fluidly move between clefs, or aren’t quick on changing double stops.
    Cello V is primarily in bass clef, the parts are more accessible but not for beginners.  There are occasional treble clef notation despite the fact they hover around a middle C.  Alternate notation would have been helpful.
    Cello VI bass clef, fewer and easier double stops, but the rhythms in “Air” are out of the range of many beginners.

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    Jobim – Desafinado (6 cellos)

    Arranged for cello sextet by Jorge Espinoza. Set includes parts with score. Parts are of uneven difficulty with Cello 1 playing the solo – fluency in treble clef required. Other parts in bass clef, most through 4th position. Cello 6 for a less advanced player, half notes in comfortable note range.

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    Piazzolla – Tango Cafe 1930 (6 cellos)

    Arranged by Jorge Espinoza, includes parts with score.

  • Popper Requiem (6 cellos)

    Arranged by Edward Laut for cello sextet. Includes parts and score. Exquisite collections are for advanced players. [CE-4]