Fiedler bow holder for case interior

We are in the process of adding these magnetic bow holders to the offerings here at Cellos2Go.  If you are unhappy with your current holder, and the tip pocket is fine, you can replace  whatever velcro or snaps you have holding the frog.  Most case accessories are hot-glued in, so removing them just requires heat to melt the glue for removal.  If you are interested in adding an additional bow holder in the lid that will parallel the fingerboard, this should have the clearance you need — but you will need an additional tip pocket.   Keeping in mind case makers do not all use the same materials nor have the same clearances or shell thicknesses, results may vary.  When we get them in and get some first-hand experience, we’ll add details.  (ESG 4/30/24)


We have positive remarks from cellists who have installed and used them for a few years.  So while they’re new to us, they have been in use for a while.  Most bow holders are hot glued in, so removing your current .