Bam Performance Case (soft)


This is a densely-padded nylon bag with a water repellent polyurethane coating.    The interior is velvet over foam padding for some thermal  as well as shock protection.  There is leather padding over the vulnerable bridge zone, and leather handles.  The usual accessory pockets for rosin/rockstop and sheet music are present, and the bow pocket is rigidized and includes two padded sleeves.  The zipper does not stop at the C peg, but wraps around the top of the scroll to the A peg, so the bag can open flat.   Weight 6.5 pounds.    If cello length exceeds 48″ (122 mm), endpin may protrude a bit – depends on fitting and tip.  We have fit Montagnana with lower bouts 18.25″  (460 mm)