Gewa Air


While Gewa Air fits many 4/4 cellos, it has adjustable features that make it ideal for short-pattern cellos like Guadagnini or 7/8 cellos.  The shell is constructed of two strong thermoplastic layers with injected foam bonded to interior suspension lining.  This design makes it tortionally strong, more puncture resistant, and affords thermal protection.  An aluminum strip runs down the face of the case for increased rigidity at bridge zone. The interior features an adjustable sling to customize fit. It also may fit some extra-long cellos because of the flexible configuration of pads in the shoulder/neck region. Guideline dimensions are 14.5″ UB, 18″ LB, total length 51.5″ but fit requires more details so contact us. Five latches, one with an integrated combination lock. Leather handles. Weight ~9 lbs  In stock Black, Beige.   Backpack with music pocket (rucksack) is available for this case.  In stock:  White/blue interior, Purple/black interior