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  • Bam Performance Case (soft)

    This is a densely-padded nylon bag with a water repellent polyurethane coating.    The interior is velvet over foam padding for some thermal  as well as shock protection.  There is leather padding over the vulnerable bridge zone, and leather handles.  The usual accessory pockets for rosin/rockstop and sheet music are present, and the bow pocket is rigidized and includes two padded sleeves.  The zipper does not stop at the C peg, but wraps around the top of the scroll to the A peg, so the bag can open flat.   Weight 6.5 pounds.    If cello length exceeds 48″ (122 mm), endpin may protrude a bit – depends on fitting and tip.  We have fit Montagnana with lower bouts 18.25″  (460 mm)

  • Bam Classic

    Bam’s CLASSIC has a textured single-ply ABS shell which is strong and shock-resistant, though it has some flexibility when open. It closes with 8 locking latches. Weight 11.5 lbs.  Injected foam suspension cushions are thick, broad, and support the neck block and bottom blocks which are the strongest structural part of the cello.  The generous interior fits most cellos and you can use this photo as a guide. The photo distorts a bit, and this cello does fit well in the case.    2-year limited warranty.  Price increase in effect as of 1/16/22 for new cases.

  • Bam Shamrock

    Shamrock is part of the HighTech series, and an excellent choice for a light-weight, protective case at 8 pounds. As part of Bam’s HT series, it has a 3-ply ABS shell over a foam core, but generic instead of Airex foam as in the other HT models. The scratch-resistant lids come in 4 colors with textured black backs.   Only the black is completely textured.  Injected high-density foam pads are broad, and support the strongest parts of the cello at the neck and bottom blocks. Standard 2 bow holders, string pocket, shoulder straps. Rigid when standing, aligns and closes easily with 5 latches. The interior is generous 37cm UB, 45cm LB, body length 80cm, total length 125cm but fit issues may occur at the center bouts and the C peg due to the tapering of the case.

  • Gewa Air

    While Gewa Air fits many 4/4 cellos, it has adjustable features that make it ideal for short-pattern cellos like Guadagnini or 7/8 cellos.  The shell is constructed of two strong thermoplastic layers with injected foam bonded to interior suspension lining.  This design makes it tortionally strong, more puncture resistant, and affords thermal protection.  An aluminum strip runs down the face of the case for increased rigidity at bridge zone. The interior features an adjustable sling to customize fit. It also may fit some extra-long cellos because of the flexible configuration of pads in the shoulder/neck region. Guideline dimensions are 14.5″ UB, 18″ LB, total length 51.5″ but fit requires more details so contact us. Five latches, one with an integrated combination lock. Leather handles. Weight ~9 lbs  In stock Black, Beige.   Backpack with music pocket (rucksack) is available for this case.  In stock:  White/blue interior

  • Sale!

    Bam Classic wheels

    In stock:  Black and Light Grey at the price of $907.

    Just add wheels and an external-mounted pulling handle onto the description of Bam’s CLASSIC case.  All other features are identical.  As long as you are wheeling on smooth hard surfaces, or moving at a pace that doesn’t make the arm pulling the case bounce all over the place, the superior suspension system will handle the vibration and protect your cello.  Remember the handle on the scroll compartment is for wheeling, not lifting. Weight 12 pounds.   Other colors arriving will be at the price of $961.

  • Bam Shamrock wheels

    This model adds wheels and a pulling handle onto the standard Shamrock, so be sure to look at that listing for more details and dimensions.  Color options and all features are the same.  The popularity of this case — if your cello fits — is its weight 8.5 pounds WITH WHEELS!   Again, the density and size of the suspension pads afford protection from vibration when wheeling on most surfaces.  If your arm is bouncing all over the place as you walk, either slow down, get a smoother surface, or put the case on your back.   Common sense rules.


  • Bam Newtech

    Bam’s redesigned NewTech joins the HighTech family because the shell is now 3-ply, and the foam skeleton has been replaced with a full foam core.  This is an extremely strong case, weight now 12 lbs 4 oz.  New style latches and D-rings complete the changes.  Interior remains the same with broad, dense pads supporting the cello under its strongest structural parts: the neck and bottom blocks.  Features 2 bow holders, neck clasp, scroll loop and accessory pouch. Check our gallery for case studies that fit in this case with clearances from all edges, especially corners.  In Stock:  Black.


  • Bam Hightech Adjustable

    BAM HIGH TECH 4.4 is a large case with an adjustable interior to fit most 4/4 cellos up to 39cm UB, 48 cm LB, body length 79 cm, total length 126 cm. It is the go-to case for many Goffrillers and Montagnanas.  Shell is 3-ply ABS over an Airex foam core and provides superior thermal and shock resistance. Easily closes with 5 latches for a weathertight seal. Dense foam suspension pads support the neck and bottom blocks. The pad at the neck block is on a velcro track and can be moved to fit the body length, keeping track of  the C peg’s proximity to the case edge.  Additional velcro-back pads are included to customize fit. This case is identifiable by the soft patch over the bridge, and loop handle on the back. Weight 10 lbs 9 oz  Available in black carbon look.  YES, it does fit in the Bam Flight Cover.   Start with the scroll end!!  It is a snug fit, but it is easier when you push the bottom end of the case in last.

  • Bam Hightech Compact

    HIGHTECH COMPACT weighs 7.75 lbs (3.5 kg), fits most cellos up to 14.25″ UB, 17.5″LB.  The widest part of a cello does not always fall at the widest part of the case as contours vary.  A strong 3-ply ABS shell over an Airex foam core provides superior thermal and impact protection. Unlike the Slim 2.9, this has more depth, providing greater buffer zone between the cello and the outside world. No worries with the angle of the neck causing the scroll to touch the back of the case. The interior has broad, dense foam suspension pads under the neck and bottom blocks — the strongest structural parts of the cello — and has the standard interior 2 holders, string pocket, shoulder straps.  Available:  Tweed

  • Bam High Tech Slim

    Bam HighTech Slim is sculpted closely to the contours of the cello, providing a compact ultralight cello case.  Protection is excellent with a thermal and shock-resistant Airex core beneath its strong ABS shell.  Weight is ~ 7 lbs. Dense, broad foam cushions suspend the cello at its bottom and neck blocks. The buffer zone between cello and outside world is reduced, so take your specific usage into consideration before buying. Standard 2 bow holders, a string pocket, shoulder straps, etc. The neck and scroll strap fasten with a clasp. UB 14.25″, LB 17.5″ It is also advised to check the cello laying down to see whether the neck/scroll angle is too extreme to fit without resting on the scroll compartment.  In stock 1 Orangey 2022, 2nd quality $1900

  • Bam Straps

    Bam straps (set of 2) are BLACK, padded, non-slip, comfortable, adjustable, and safe with high-quality carabiners. Straps are included with every new Bam case but can be purchased and used on any case with D-rings. *Note if your height is 5’5″ or under, you may want to order the SHORT set which will allow the case to rest a bit higher on your back.   The straps are the same length, but the shoulder cushion is 3″ shorter.   Straps should be attached at the upper D ring with the flat sides touching (see diagram).

  • Bam Ergonomic Backpack

    Bam’s Ergo Backpack is a European hiking pack for maximum comfort when trekking with case. Weight 2.4 pounds, attaches with D ring at top, two Velcro straps to D rings at lower bouts. A cushioned zippered music pocked rests between your back and the case shell. Pad is 12″ at widest part, 22″ long. We put in a 10×11.5″ binder 1″ thick and it fit. Oversize orchestral parts fit.  There’s a small utility pouch on the waist belt.  Be aware this makes the case back-heavy when standing empty, and also prevents it from laying flat, if that matters to you.  It tends to be less comfortable for petite cellists, not just height but narrow frame and shoulders.