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    Bosanquet Secret Life of Cello Strings: Harmonics for Cellists

    As harmonics take on an expanded role in contemporary literature, understanding them has become more important.  There is no other resource that delves into this topic, starting with their bowing, intonation and notation, taking a bird’s eye view of the whole cello string, and exploring harmonic nodes, scales, pizzicato harmonics and more!!  Foreword written by Starker

  • Flesch Scale System

    Arranged for cello  by Wolfgang Boettcher, from the original version for violin.  Scale Exercises in all major and minor keys for daily study.

  • C. Schroder Violoncello Method Volume 3

    Volume 3 moves into thumb position, treble clef, trills, octaves and double stops. Each book contains exercises with accompaniment of a second cello.

  • C. Schroder Violoncello Method Volume 2

    Volume 2 continues with the first four positions and half position, introduces tenor clef.

  • C. Schroder Violoncello Method Volume 1

    Starts with exercises on open strings, finger placement, major scales, slurred notes.

  • Cossmann Studies for Development of Agility of Fingers

    #3715   Revised – edted by Carter Enyeart.  Early intermediate students, opening the book to double stops in tenor clef may make you close the book prematurely. However, flip the page and be pleasantly surprised at exercises which will help your finger strength and dexterity, reinforce intervals. Good trill practice, thumb position work. Bass, tenor and treble clef.

  • De’ak Modern Method for the Violoncello, Volume I

    Deak Vol. 1 introduces the student to the cello through photographs and descriptions as to posture, placement. Scale tones and rhythmic divisions are explained, followed by exercises through 4th position. 6th and 7th positions and tenor clef are briefly touched upon.

  • De’ak Modern Method for Violoncello, Volume II

    Deak Vol. 2 (26 Studies of Medium Difficulty). Contains exercises for changing placement of the hand between 4th and 7th positions. Topics include thumb position, art of bowing and tone production, chords, double stops, harmonics, varied rhythmic finger exercises, scales.

  • Doane Cello Ergonomics

    In stock!  This book had historically been available to Mr. Doane’s students who already had the personal instruction.  Think of it as a review book.  Therefore cellists who order this thinking it’s a how-to book may be floundering.  Were it not for the huge number of cellists who studied with Steve and are now teaching their own students, this book would likely not be available here.  This is a caveat usually provided at the time the book is ordered, not knowing the background of some of our customers.   There are 18 videos on youtube  – search Steve Doane Cello Videos.

  • Dotzauer Exercises for Violoncello Book 1

    Dotzauer’s 113 etudes are divided into 4 volumes.  Schirmer offers Volumes 1 and 2 only.  Volume 1 includes Nos. 1 – 34, edited by Klingenberg,  Notes, slurs, fingerings are identical to the IMC edition, but this thinner white paper may not provide the sharp contrast some cellists prefer.  Also there are annotations for Whole Bow, Upper Half, Lower Half, etc. in this edition.