Method, Technique, Scales, Sight-Reading, Etudes

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  • Pais La Tecnica del Violoncello for Left Hand

    Pais takes the cello past practical limits to theoretical limits in this book. Designed to develop left hand technique, you will find things like scales in tenths and unison. If you are looking for this book, you probably already know what is involved. The limited narrative is in Italian with no translation.

  • Piatti Method Book 3

    Text is presented in English and German. Piatti has selected pieces by a variety of noted pedagogues to work on the following contents: Grace notes, trills and mordents, chromatic passages, double stops, chorales, thumb positions, staccato, arpeggios, natural or open harmonics, stopped or artificial harmonics, octaves, major and melodic minor scales.

  • Popper 15 Easy Studies (2 cellos)

    IMC #3705  is the 15 Easy Studies which precede the 10 Grand Etudes in Op. 76 preparing you for Op 73, the High School.  Originally arranged by G. Woerl (who included cello II ad lib for Nos. 1-10),  Enyeart wrote Cello II parts for the remaining five.    The only other change we note is the inclusion of measure numbers.  It is a single book with both parts in score form.

  • Popper High School 40 Studies Op. 73

    No editor is named on this edition.

  • Popper 15 Easy Studies, Op. 76

    (BA6979)   Complete Op.76 starting with 15 Easy Studies with cello II ad lib, both parts in score form followed by Ten Grand Etudes of Moderate Difficulty for cello solo.  These are preparatory to the High School Op. 73, though they were written after.

  • Popper Studies Op. 76, Preparatory to High School

    IMC#3728   Op 76 are known as ten grand etudes of moderate difficulty.  They pick up where 15 Easy Studies left off , are more challenging technically and offer more repetition of basic principles.  These studies involve tenor clef, treble clef, and thumb position in preparation for The High School, Op. 73.  Edited by Carter Enyeart, this volume currently replaces #1339 edited by Schmidt.

  • Popper 15 Easy Studies 2 cellos

    IMC# 2551  15 Easy Studies edited by G. Woerl is one of two IMC editions.  This has a Cello II ad lib part for Studies 1-10.  Parts are in one book in score form.

    *IMC# 3705 is the newer edition based on this one, in which Carter Enyeart which adds the Cello II part for Studies 11-15.  The font is smaller, but there are measure numbers at the start of each line.

  • Popper High School of Cello Playing Op. 73

    (BA6978)  Includes the 40 etudes with fold-out pages to eliminate page turns.  There is also a text volume of playing tips and references to where the techniques are found in the standard cello literature.  Edited by Rummel.

  • Popper High School 40 Studies Op. 73 (Stutch)

    IMC# 811    Back in stock, with a red cover this time.  Edited by Nathan Stutch.

    There is a cello II accompaniment by Carter Enyeart available for this work sold separately.  IMC #3631

  • Popper High School 40 Studies cello II ad lib

    IMC#3631  This is a Cello II accompaniment by Carter Enyeart to be used in conjunction with a copy of the original Op. 73

  • Lee Method for Cello including Melodius and Progressive Studies Op. 31, Book 1

    This book introduces basic scales, agility exercises, fingerboard positions,bowing exercises, pieces and etudes for each newly-introduced key/scale. Most are in duet form. It then advances to chromatic scales, exercises in double stops, arpeggios, thumb position, octaves, harmonics.  Includes 40 Melodic Studies Op. 31 Book 1, Nos. 1-21.