Method, Technique, Scales, Sight-Reading, Etudes

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  • Feuillard Daily Exercises

    For the left hand and bow. Includes trills, scales, arpeggios, and double stops. The book is divided into five parts addressing the following areas: (1) Exercises in the neck positions (2) Exercises in the whole compass of the cello (3) Exercises in the thumb position (4) Double stops (5) Bowing exercises

  • Feuillard Methode du Jeune Violoncelliste

    – The Young Violoncellist’s Method (Import).  Provides new cellists with a comprehensive manual of basics from first position through thumb position. Exercises are chosen to instill a sense of solid mechanics which will prepare you for many other progressive technical studies. Music is chosen for its timeless quality, so you will find works by Mozart, Bach, Haydn. Theory is left to your teacher. Spiral binding is no longer offered on this due to new formatting by the publisher.

  • Franchomme 12 Studies Op. 35

    Edited by Klengel

  • Grant – Intermediate Etudes in the Positions

    Works by Schroeder, Dotzauer, Kummer, Werner, Duport, Nolck, Grant, and Lee selected and edited by Francis Grant.

  • Grant – Fundamentals of Violoncello Technique Volume 2

    Second to Seventh Positions. Classic studies and materials from Dotzauer, Romberg, Lee and Kummer.  Edited by Francis Grant.

  • Grant – First Position Etudes

    This popular book is available again!  Studies from Schroeder, Dotzauer, Kummer, Werner, Popper, Lee edited by Francis Grant.

  • Grant – Fundamentals of Violoncello Technique Volume 1

    Volume 1 focuses on the first and half positions, as well as the development of bowing.

  • Grant – Fundamentals of Violoncello Technique Volume 3

    Thumb Position is the focus of this volume.  Scales and arpeggios in three octaves, thumb position, shifting on the thumb, treble and tenor clef.  Includes some pedagogical works of Dotzauer, Romberg, Lee and Kummer.  Many duets for student/teacher.

  • Sherry – A Grand Tour of Cello Technique

    A practice guide for the modern cellist.  The opening exercises of each chapter are designed for inexperienced players; they are followed by exercises for advanced and professional players.   Contents: Introducing 12 Tones, Triads and Seventh Chords, Circle of Fifths, Scales,  Harmonics and Open Strings, Lateral Motion, Extended Techniques and a Discussion of the Bow, Practicing Together.

  • Magg Cello Exercises

    A Comprehensive Survey of Essential Cello Technique, with the addition One Hour of Morning Calisthenics on the Cello and A Varied Routine of Practicing the Moto Perpetuo by N. Paganini