Method, Technique, Scales, Sight-Reading, Etudes

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  • Dotzauer 113 Studies Book II (Klingenberg)

    #1313   Includes Nos. 35-62

  • Dotzauer 113 Studies Book IV (Klingenberg)

    #1287   Includes Nos. 86-112

  • Dotzauer Studies Vol. 1

    Dotzauer’s 113 etudes are divided into 4 volumes.  Volume 1 includes Nos. 1 – 34, edited by Klingenberg,  Notes, slurs, fingerings are identical to the IMC edition, but this thinner white paper may not provide the sharp contrast some cellists prefer.  Also there are annotations for Whole Bow, Upper Half, Lower Half, etc. in this edition.

  • Dotzauer Studies Vol. 1-2

    Dotzauer’s 113 etudes are divided into 4 volumes.  This combined edition of Volumes 1-2 includes Nos. 1 – 62, edited by Klingenberg.   If you are also looking at IMC’s version and wondering what the differences are… This edition is on white rather than higher-quality vanilla paper so contrast is not as sharp.  Notes, fingerings and slurs appear identical but this edition as annotations as to where on your bow you should be so there’s a glossary for WB, UH, LH, etc.

  • Duport 21 Etudes for Cello with 2nd cello

    (Ba 6980)  Barenreiter edition also includes a cello II ad lib accompaniment, and volume of text in English/German.

  • Duport 21 Studies for Cello (Gruetzmacher)

    Edited byruetzmacher and Schulz.

  • Feuillard Daily Exercises

    For the left hand and bow. Includes trills, scales, arpeggios, and double stops. The book is divided into five parts addressing the following areas: (1) Exercises in the neck positions (2) Exercises in the whole compass of the cello (3) Exercises in the thumb position (4) Double stops (5) Bowing exercises

  • Feuillard Methode du Jeune Violoncelliste

    – The Young Violoncellist’s Method (Import).  Provides new cellists with a comprehensive manual of basics from first position through thumb position. Exercises are chosen to instill a sense of solid mechanics which will prepare you for many other progressive technical studies. Music is chosen for its timeless quality, so you will find works by Mozart, Bach, Haydn. Theory is left to your teacher. Spiral binding is no longer offered on this due to new formatting by the publisher.