Vivo Hybrid case with wheels


Hybrid cello case with wheels weighs 10.2 pounds; shoulder straps add .8 lb.   Shell is textured, resembling linen, and is shown in Silver and Champagne.  There are 7 overcam latches, none lock.  Neck strap is velcro, scroll loop has an adustable clasp, and bow holders have zip closures. An accessory pocket is in the lid opposite the scroll.  The upper suspension pad supports the neck block, and is on a velcro track so if your cello is long or short, you can adjust the pad.  The lower pads are fixed, suspend under the bottom block, and curve up the lower sides so there are no additional pads required.  Pictured is a 7/8 cello with dimensions provided, and you can see the fit is fine with no C peg issue.   The largest cello we fit had Back length 763, UB 365 and LB 460 but the widest part is toward the bottom of the cello, so curvature matters.  Two shoulder straps attach to 2 D-rings on the upper back, connecting to D ring at the each lower bout.