EVAH PIRAZZI Series (Pirastro)


EVAH PIRAZZI ORIGINAL strings have a steel core, and are available in 3 tensions in 4/4 size, medium being the most popular.  Brand is identifiable by green thread with black spiral at the tailpiece end.   3/4 size only come in medium tension and have separate pricing.

$ 38.00   A     chrome/single filament steel                 Black at peg end            16.8, 18, 18.9 kg tension
$ 48.00   D     chrome/single filament steel                 Orange at peg end         13.7, 14.6, 15
$104.00   G     tungsten/rope core                                  Brown at peg end          12, 12.6, 13.4
$120.00   C     tungsten/rope core                                 Violet at peg end            12.2, 12.8, 13.8

EVAH PIRAZZI SOLOIST strings have a small diameter, long decay.  The peg end winding will have a secondary blue band.

$ 45.00     A – Winding at peg end is black        18.1 kg tension
$ 53.00     D – Winding at peg end is red           14.3
$108.00     G – Winding at peg end is brown     13.0
$125.00     C – Winding on peg end is purple    13.2

EVAH  GOLD  Sound should be clear and focused with minimum play-in time; strings are both responsive and durable, with a variety of overtones.   Identifiable at ball end by yellow thread with black spiral.   Suitable for electric cellos.

$ 55.00     A     chrome/high-tensile steel core           Black at peg end         17.8 kg tension
$ 57.00     D     chrome/high-tensile steel core          Orange at peg end       14.0
$115.00   G     tungsten/rope core                                Brown at peg end       14.0
$135.00    C     tungsten/rope core                                Violet at peg end         13.4