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  • 10 mm Titanium Memminger endpin

    The Memminger hollow titanium endpin has five sets of 4 holes that spiral around the endpin every 90 degrees, about 1″ apart.    Length 23.5″, weight ~ 92 grams.


  • 10 mm Cube Acoustics endpin

    The Cube Acoustics 10mm tuned alloy endpin weighs ~386g, is 23.5″ long.   The extra length allows for more rod resonating in the cello. Variations in height of cellist, body length and contours of cello yield different results in sound.  As far as the tonal enhancements you will experience, you simply have to try it and gauge its performance for yourself.  The endpin will tarnishfrom brass tone over time and it can be left to a natural brown patina.  If you want to polish it, recommended is 0000 steel wool, brass or silver polish.  If your current fitting does not fit a 10mm rod, we offer New Harmony Music fittings in both straight bore and 6-degree angle.

  • 10mm PegHeds endpins

    From the inventor of PegHeds, this new hybrid endpin has a carbon fiber exterior with a choice of three cores: Bronze, Brass, Copper.  All feature his silicon carbide super-sharp tip.   Total length 24.5″.    The tonal differences are going to vary with each core, each cello, the length resonating inside the cello, your ears and personal preference . . . the usual!  Please direct inquires here, Cellos2Go, not Chuck.

  • Angled Fitting w/ 10mm Endpin NHM

    This set from New Harmony Music  includes a composite fitting and a solid 10mm carbon fiber rod, 20″ long.  It is very stable when extended.  The hole in the fitting is bored at a 6-degree angle, so your cello will sit slightly more horizontal.  Cellists who have tried instruments with this setup find it very comfortable.  The diameter on the composite fitting is 27.5 mm.  The tip on this endpin is heat-hardened steel and can be resharpened.

  • Stahlhammer Endpin – CF

    The Stahlhammer carbon fiber “bent” endpin consists of a fitting (27mm cone), and 2 telescoping rods.  Loosen the thumb screw and slide out the first rod which will rotate 25 degrees or lock in the straight position.  Then twist the collar to release the second rod and extend to playing length.  We stock medium  10.5 – 18.5″ but can order the Short 9-14.5″ Long 11.75-20.5″.   *Note:  Do not overtighten or the internal nylon locking sleeve may split, requiring replacement.   Read the instructions on the box!!!!

  • Angled Fitting for 10mm Endpin (NHM)

    Endpin fitting is composite/stainless with thumb screw. Cone diameter only comes in 27.5mm to accommodate the angle of the hole for a 10mm rod.  This allows use of a straight rod,angled downward 6 degrees.  Not as severe as the Stahlhammer’s 25 degrees.  Your cello sits more horizontal, f-holes facing more upward than outward, and also may make the pegs sit more comfortably in relation to your neck.   Price is for the fitting only.  You can use any 10mm rod, or purchase the NHM 10mm rod (listed separately).

  • New Harmony Rubber Tip

    Rubber tip with plastic liner specifically designed to fit 8 and 10mm  New Harmony heat-hardened steel endpin tips.   If you have a NHM steel carbide replaceable tip, with the hex collar, there is a version for this!  Package of 2

  • Stahlhammer replacement tightener

    ** Read to the end – new update.  If you have overtightened the telescoping rod so it no longer holds, you have split the interior tightening mechanism.  This is a nylon sleeve and is replaceable.  Unscrew the extension rod and remove, take the tightening lock off, and gently screw the new one on.  Do not overtighten when you adjust your endpin next time.  Just enough to hold.   ***If you read the instructions inside the box, specifically No. 8, it suggests you routinely remove the inner tube and apply a few drops of alcohol to the nylon sleeve.  Apparently nylon off-gases, and produces a film which may act as a lubricant.  So even if you have not put oil in the mechanism, you still need to clean this part.  According to Semmy Stahlhammer, the nylon piece is strong and should not need to be replaced IF PROPERLY MAINTAINED.

  • Akusticus Tailpiece

    Akusticus plastic tailpiece,  220 mm in length, has integrated fine tuners and a wire tail loop.  This is a popular choice for fine instruments as it can help enhance volume and tone.  Weight ~ 81.8g.  There are replacement parts for this tailpiece so if you break a fine tuner, don’t throw the tailpiece away!

  • Wittner Ultra Tailpiece

    Wittner composite tailpiece has integrated fine tuners and comes with a tail cord. Changing strings is easy because the parts you need to thread are on the front of the tailpiece.  An excellent replacement for old ebony tailpieces with bulky add-on fine tuners.  Tailpiece for 7/8 and 4/4 size cellos is 235 mm in length.  Fractional sizes can be ordered.

  • Frirsz Alloy Tailpiece

    The original  Frirsz cello tailpiece is made of alloy and enhances projection, balance and response.  Wolf tones are tremendously reduced if not eliminated.  Asymmetry allows for a longer vibrating C string.  The cut-away design lightens the tailpiece and opens up the sound of the cello.   Integrated fine tuners are modular, removable, and interchangeable with traditional “keyhole” type of string attachment inserts, so it can be configured to your preferred set-up if you use gut strings or have PegHeds.  Please let us know if you want both the fine tuner modules and keyhole modules.

  • Harmonie Kevlar Tail Cord

    Les Bois d’Harmonie flexible braided cord increases mobility of tailpiece closer to the bridge so as not to diminish the natural resonance of the cello.  It is the preferred tailcord for Harmonie tailpieces.  Length  ~ 16″